Voices Beyond Assault is a 501c3 not for profit organization dedicated to providing aid, education, innovative therapy programs and resources that are vital in the healing process for men and women who have experienced sexual assault and/or abuse.  The need is critical and our mission is global. We want to create a world were sexual assault doesn't exist.


We are advocates and mentors for survivors and others directly effected by the trauma of sexual assault. We provide information, resources, support and therapeutic activities that positively change lives.

VBA has pursued the resources for our mission to extend through and beyond the United States.  Our passion and boundless energy has inspired a movement that has become bigger than the initial vision.  Because sexual assault has no boundaries in terms of race, nationality or sex, we plan to travel and bring VBA resources  to be of service to those in need. 

We are excited about what the future holds for the men, women and children who are affected by sexual assault and we are eager to provide the services necessary for survivors to evolve and thrive past such trauma.  Our programs and prevention courses are essential to survivors' healing.

Every survivor needs to be empowered and deserves the services that we provide after the effects of sexual assault. We give survivors the the chance to recover from their emotional and/or physical trauma. When sexual assault strikes, we are readily available to assist survivors in any way.



Brianna Michelle

Founder & President

Brianna Michelle is on a mission to bring more awareness to the epidemic of sexual assault. No more turning a blind eye to an act that is affecting so many lives.


A brutal rape and kidnapping while in college woke up a sleeping giant that said,"NO MORE" to sexual abuse and she began using her voice as power.  For so long she was silenced by molestation as a child, now there is no holding her back from telling her story.


Being that most sexual assault goes unreported, Michelle aims to tackle the taboo issue of sexual assault and give a voice to men, women and children around the world.

Brianna had her wings clipped by adversity but she has still been able to thrive and work toward goals; graduating college, studying/living abroad, traveling the world advocating, pursuing a career as a model and spokesperson. Her pain turned into ambition making a name for herself in the modeling/acting industry working for various brands, national commercials and television.  She is inspired to change laws, empower others, and build one of the most effective organizations dealing with sexual assault.

Her mission to bring sexual assault to the forefront, address the effects, prevention and empower survivors to be empowered by their survival is endless.

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Curtisha Thomas


Curtisha Thomas is a stand out in all she does in philanthropy. She is a woman who is dedicated to ending the cycle of sexual assault and domestic violence.  Knowing first hand what effects abuse has on a person.  She is using her experience, skills, and passion making sure that Voices Beyond Assault conquers its mission in empowering survivors. 
Curtisha is a highly analytical thinker in identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes and
because of her proven relationship-building and compassionate heart, Voices Beyond Assault is elated to have Curtisha on our team.

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