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Voices Beyond Assault (VBA) is a women-led 501c3 non-profit organization built to assist survivors of sexual violence.

Dedicated to providing aid, education, therapy, and resources that assist survivors of sexual assault/abuse across the globe, VBA is composed of a multitude of advocates and mentors for anyone who is directly affected by the trauma of sexual assault/abuse. Our information, resources, support, and therapeutic activities are geared toward the positive change of these lives.

Every survivor needs to be empowered, and deserves the services that we provide after the effects of sexual assault/abuse. We give survivors the chance to recover from their emotional and/or physical trauma. When sexual assault/abuse strikes, we are readily available to assist survivors by any means necessary.

Voices Beyond Assault

Our Vision

The Sexual Violence Prevention Curriculum

From Elementary to Post-Secondary

Building habits of respect and empathy within children is integral to preventing sexual violence. Our developing Sexual Assault Prevention Curriculum is intended to familiarize elementary to post-secondary students with ideas of consent, boundaries, and the considerations of others. Through conceptual foundations, clear and concise vocabulary, and educational workshops, we can do our part in preventing sexual violence for generations to come.

Combating Sexual Violence

Activism Through Our Communities, Legislation, and Culture

The protection of our society ultimately draws back to our community. Our College Campus Prevention Initiative aims to provide compulsory classes on this issue and confront the facts of these crimes.

Within the legislative realm, VBA wants to reforming any laws that infringe on the wellbeing of our survivors, while also championing the laws that protect us. For example: broadening the definition of rape which is enshrined in law – making it relate more to the concept of ‘yes means yes,’ rather than ‘no means no’ – and holding the police accountable in their reporting of sexual assault/abuse.

Our Media Awareness Campaigns can be on a range of platforms and are easily communicated across society. Either online, on television, radio, billboards, etc. These campaigns have been created to challenge the conventional religious, social, and cultural attitudes which our society employs in regard to sexual assault/abuse.

Sexual Violence Resources

Improving Access

The effects of sexual trauma are very challenging to go through alone. Whether your trauma is recent or from your childhood, there are a number of methods that can act as tools for personal healing and advancement. Recovering is a process, and that process looks different for everyone. It may take weeks, months, or years; there is truly no set timeline. It is essential that survivors face their traumatic memories, and process the thoughts and emotions related to it.

This progression can help survivors change how they view their prior experiences of trauma and assault/abuse. Many survivors think that therapy is beneficial while others shy away from it – know that you’re not alone. However, emotional avoidance is a common PTSD symptom that prevents many survivors from seeking help. If we avoid our feelings and/or thoughts encompassing sexual trauma for too long, it can keep us stuck in suffering for longer than we need to be. VBA does not recommend emotional avoidance.

At VBA, we ask our survivors to identify any of the techniques from our offered programs, listed below. We have researched a variety of alternative methods and are here to make sure that every survivor begins and continues their healing journey in the way that suits their soul. We’ve developed programs and events that can help survivors learn more about innovative options of therapy. All VBA’s programs and events are created to promote: healing, self-love, self-care and a renewed confidence. Given a survivor’s individual needs, some methods of healing may suit some better than others, but they do not have to stick with any particular form and can utilize multiple.

Innovative therapy methods
1. Spa treatments
2. Group therapy
3. Self-defense courses
4. Yoga classesMeditation classes
5. Pole dancing classes

Celebratory events
1. Brunches
2. Retreats
3. Parties

Amplifying Voices

Our Work in Marginalized Communities

Many victims of sexual assault can be involved in intimate/long-term relationships with their abuser. This can make the victim feel financially dependent on their abuser – which is also a form of financial/economic abuse.

Therefore, a job placement scheme could be productive for victims, to (1) encourage them to gain further confidence in themselves, (2) acquire experience in diverse work places, (3) obtain more professional qualifications/experience and (4) hopes of a brighter, more independent future. VBA wants to create partnerships with various businesses (as the employers within this project) and ask them to partake in the program by offering 6-9 month placements. This program could include a mandatory requirement of the employer to write (1) a reference for the person undertaking the placement, and (2) a detailed account of future steps they would recommend them to take to gain further employment in the future. These employers would also find benefit in having these individuals within their organization, as through this project they would receive an enthusiastic and new employee for a fixed-term contract.

Voices Beyond Assault

Voices Beyond Assault

We are dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual assault across the globe. Join us in our journey.

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